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Natura Siberica and Four Seasons Hotel Moscow opened a new page in the area of magnificent Spa treatments on the territory of luxury hotel.

Now at the amazing Amnis Spa, on the fifth floor of Four Seasons Hotel Moscow , every visitor can plunge into the atmosphere of natural serenity of wild Siberia with massages, nutritious bathtubs and wrappings made by Natura Siberica.

Wild Siberian herbs and berries, freshly squeezed cedar, caviar, curative algas and muds – all these components will become a part of unique Spa treatments, made right behind of your eyes at Natura Siberica spa-cabinet in Amnis Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Moscow.

Before the procedure, specialists of Natura Siberica will tell in detail about each five miraculous ceremonies and the properties of active components and also will make recommendations accordingly to your individual preferences. Even the most experienced guests will find something on their taste.

Exclusively for Four Seasons Hotel, Natura Siberica has developed a premium collection of cosmetic products for beauty of your hair and body. Refreshing shower gels , restoring shampoos and balms for hair from the heart of wild Siberia will be available for guests of Amnis Spa.

For those who want to use magnificent cosmetics of Natura Siberica not only within the walls of a Spa center, but also at home, the limited exclusive line from six products for adults and children is available for buying in Spa center at Four Seasons Hotel Moscow and in Natura Siberica monobrand shops.

We are open every day from 9 am till 22 pm

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