Farm on Kunashir

Located in the Sea of Okhotsk, Kunashir Island is a unique nature environment where lava volcanoes meet hot mineral springs, and lakes are filled with icy water. Thanks to this distinctive and harsh climate, plants and seaweed growing there have accumulated highly protective active ingredients, and have amazing antioxidant properties.

In 2017, Natura Siberica has founded an organic farm in these unique region. Within the vast territory, totalling 1.92 hectares, Natura Siberica plan to cultivate wild plants such as Molinia Japonica, Kuril Goldenrod and twenty-five other unique herbs. The extracts of these plants will be the basic ingredients of our exclusive new products to imbue your skin and hair with extraordinary vital power.

The new certified Organic farm will benefit from wild-harvesting to ensure that, true to their brand ethos, the culture and traditions of small tribes in the North and Far East of Russia are maintained.  The locals of the island will play an important role in the wild-harvesting of these special herbs and flowers.

Address of our farm: Dubovoe Village, Southern Kuril district, Sakhalin region, Russia.