Our Production

In every jar and bottle from Natura Siberica we have put unique ingredients, which help to preserve Your youth and beauty.

NATURA SIBERICA – a modern, young and dynamic Russian production of natural cosmetics. The company is equipped with the latest technology, thanks to which it is possible to preserve and enhance the unique healing properties of plants in Siberia and the Far East, the members of the funds NATURA SIBERICA. In addition, the entire production process, held under the supervision of the Institute of Ethics Certification ICEA.

We are especially proud is its own production of aqueous and oil extracts of wild plants in Siberia and the Far East. The company Natura Siberica became the first Russian company to use in production extracts of wild plants of Siberia, and as the basis of all means derivative of cedar oil ( Pine Oil and Pine betain ) Collection of herbs and berries for our extracts are the activities of a subsidiary firm

“Siberia Organic” , located in the Republic of Khakassia – natural setting, located in southern Siberia. Here indigenous people gather for Natura Siberica wild grasses. Manual collection – a very long and tedious process, but only collected so plants can get the most rich in vitamins and nutrients extracts and oils that we use for our funds. Wild plants collected in Khakassia, received a certificate ICEA , what proves its organic origin.

The success and popularity of funds Natura Siberica explained not only by the fact that natural cosmetics is becoming more and more supporters, but also the modern technology of processing and production, strict quality control, embedded in the enterprise, as well as unique plants, which we carefully search and choose for our products.